Monday, December 6, 2010

Someone Used the Camera = Life Here

If life could be grasped, held onto like grains of sand in cupped palms. . . wouldn't it just all spill over anyway? All the goodness, all the sorrow, the moments and memories are too much to hold.

I've been feeling especially grateful this week as the extra-amazing things keep piling up, so many graces that my hands are full. I pray the graces and the bounty are spilling out on the people around me. (Our pastor calls this a grace splash party!)

Even the regular things of life seem good, so I'm smiling that someone borrowed the camera. . . and took these photos, which I can appreciate for the glimpse of reality that they are.

#340 Generosity (oh, such generosity!) of friends- the gift of chocolate!
#341 Another morning to "sleep in" with my husband
#342 Amazing generous offer of friends- to pay for some life coaching
#343 Pepperoni in the freezer, awaiting Christmas Eve
#344 Candle light at dinner
#345 Steaming soup and crackers
#346 A new book!
#347 Good news about refinancing our home
#348 Sweet boy voice, "That made Jesus happy!"
#349 Baby on the potty
#350 A long bath
#351 Boys working to build a fire
#352 Playing Rummikub on the floor by the fire
#353 J-41 shoes (love them! Hope they hold together.)
#354 Deer season success (I'm happy even if I don't get anything from it.)
#355 Healthier families because we shared what God gave us (JuicePlus+)
#356 Noel Calendar in the morning
#357 Jesse Tree readings in the dark

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Hannah said...

Thumbs up for #340! A giver of chocolate is a true friend. :-)