Monday, December 13, 2010

Reality and Gratitude

Well! Once again, it's late at night on a Monday, and I am compelled to add to my Gratitudes list (because, after all, it is Monday). Maybe no one else has noticed, but I've detected a pattern to my Monday posts: whine, face reality, count gratitudes and come back to a place of faith and hope. Even though it ends well, I'm thinking that the whining/complaining bit really is out of place. So, tonight, I'll skip to the reality:

My arms feel like they are going to fall off = #358 A body that can DO p90x! It always feels good when I'm done exercising!

I finally went Christmas shopping tonight = #359 The simplicity of one gift. #360 The boundaries of a budget. #361 The anticipation of making my loved ones happy. #362 The service of a friend who kept the children. #363 A free sugar cookie from the bakery- yum!

R (7) and M (7 mo) both had ear infections = #364 Easier to remember to give antibiotics and probiotics to two. #365 Loving my lovey baby again.

Husband is still in Richmond and commuting = #366 Going to bed in work out clothes because I can.

I'm anticipating Christmas. #367 Baking treats that bring smiles. #368 Finding something very fun! I can ask for (these beautiful jewelery clips instead of the plastic ones I wear) #369 Gifts from my mom are always great; we are all looking forward to them!

And even though I have calendars to work on, #370 I'm under warm covers with children close by and the only sound is the steam in the radiators.

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