Thursday, December 9, 2010

And Given Grace

It seems Elisabeth Elliot is speaking to me again.

Here is an excerpt from her writing that was delivered to my email box today (on teaching children self denial):

"The demands on Val [her daughter], as on any mother of small children, are pretty relentless, of course. She does all the housework with the help of the children (a schedule of chores is posted on the refrigerator). People usually gasp when I tell them the number of my grandchildren. "Wow," said one, "it takes a special woman to have that many children." Special? Not really. Millions have done it. But it takes grace, it takes strength, it takes humility, and God stands ready to give all that is needed."

When I'm lacking grace with those I love, I am brought humbly back to the cross, where I ask for more grace and the mercy that I needed new again this morning. Somehow it is very comforting to know that the "great" missionary Elisabeth Elliott's daughter had similar moments, too.

Oh, for grace, strength and humility!

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Anne said...

Amen, sister :) ps. glad you liked the fall salad!