Monday, November 22, 2010

Snapshot of Life

Just a quick snapshot of my afternoon:

T needs assistance in the bathroom.
The phone rings.
I send T upstairs to get new unders.
While I'm on the phone, I see underwear falling past the window.
Back to office for crucial information on desk.
Upstairs to find underwear accomplice. . . missing.
End phone call and head outside.
Find boy in underwear and a pile of clothes and blankets in the mulch; direct clean up.
Phone rings again; back inside.
Step outside to check progress; find that three children are climbing on top of the van, clothes and mulch are all over the steps.
M is crying.

Oh, and the van clean up left paper towels all over the front lawn. . . . which reminds me that O thoughtfully sawed a roll of paper towels in half this morning after determining that we were out of toilet paper (which is actually L's job). Said sawing left little paper towel shreds in the kitchen. Blankets from mulch have molted all over the house, including in the baby's bed. Said baby spit up carrots on our white bedspread. . . which reminds me that I need to clean the pomegranate off the kitchen tile (big boy's helped with breakfast).

I'm tempted to throw up my hands. I wish I were quick to laugh at this madness! It's a crazy, wonderful life. And, I'm grateful (and I need to concentrate on it!):

311) Hot chocolate in the evening quiet
312) Looking forward to the short week
313) Thanksgiving anticipation
314) M's talking, crawling
315) Glorious autumn day; raking in warm sunshine with M on a blanket nearby
316) T: "Don't cut my toenails! They aren't ripe yet!"
317) T: "God loves cheerfulness."
318) Protection; the back door was unlocked last night
319) Fellowship of children who bring out good things in our children
320) Steam hissing in radiators

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