Sunday, October 17, 2010

Good and Quiet

These are my first quiet moments in many days.

M and I returned today from our 4 night trip to Orlando for the JuicePlus+ Convention. We had a great, challenging time! On the (Live Life to the) PLUS side, we learned fascinating new research done on JuicePlus+, heard from some of the company's best leaders, and were able to spend time with precious friends and family members. Nursing went amazingly well. It was great to be in sunny FL. We had an exquisite dinner to celebrate my birthday and our loved ones. So many good things!

It was also a bit of a tiring trip. M has a piercing shriek. He is known as the loudest Curtis baby. To my embarrassment, the shriek was often heard on our flights. Typically, he would shriek, finally stick his fingers in his mouth, and then eventually fall asleep. It was exhausting for me, cramped on the plane and wishing for anonymity. It was exhausting for him; he hasn't had a full nap in five days! I feel like I've held a baby for five days straight, or pushed a stroller, or something. Every minute has been full and I am very ready to rest.

We had a few hours to enjoy as a family this afternoon, then B headed off to Richmond. I'm looking down the barrel of a long week. Heigh-ho! Better to print off the school schedule and tidy up. There is a lot of laundry to be done and errands to run and schoolwork to do and kids to love on this week!

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