Monday, September 13, 2010

Heritage Harvest Festival

Photos from our day at Monticello for the Heritage Harvest Festival. A wonderful, gloriously fallish day near Charlottesville. I was totally in my element, with "my kind of people," learning about heirloom tomatoes and how to grow figs and planting urban gardens. We tried numerous varieties of tomatoes, watermelon, and apples, walked through Jefferson's vineyard and gardens, ate delicious cheeses and sausages, observed Primrose (the cow), and several goats, a woman weaving, a man whittling, and so much more. The kids made music, ran in Monticello's front yard, found apples in the orchard, and came home with red worms. A great family day!
This is labeled as a Guinea Bean
T looking for something in the peppers
An amazing view of VA (and a lot of Curtises)
Making music with the banjo and violin

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