Sunday, July 11, 2010

Decision Time

Ya'll are so sweet to be concerned about me when I whine and let my weaknesses be known. I don't intend to make people feel sorry for me, I just want to be transparent about what is going on in our family and how much I need Jesus. If I need Him and I know it and everyone else knows it, then He gets the glory when any good happens, right?

B is supposed to let the AG's office know tomorrow whether he is accepting the position.

We've continued to talk about it today, though mostly we thought about it and didn't talk too much. When we do try to talk (such as during our family walk on the Blackwater trail tonight), it is hard to keep a train of thought for the interruptions.

When my perspective is all about my husband's good, I want him to take the job. Honestly, I'm a bit excited by the opportunity to sell our house and some belongings and to live even more frugally- so that we can really hack away at our debt. If we did this hard thing (moving) and it means we could be in a totally different financial place in a few years, then I think it is worth doing. B and I have agreed that we want to be "FREE to give, FREE to go, FREE to grow." Eliminating our debt is key and if this could be a dramatic step to propel us, I am for it. Stick us in something small for awhile; we'll be okay.

The kids heard me say this tonight, "I've lived in an orphanage in El Salvador, in a Figian village, in an Australian apartment, in a hostel in New Zealand. I've lived in a one room dorm apartment, with three ladies in a one room apartment, I've lived in a city and I've lived on a farm. It's okay. Wherever I am, there I am." They thought it was pretty neat that I've lived so many places (even though some of those were very brief). It was a good reminder for me that wherever I am, it becomes my new reality and it is always fine.

We may give up our backyard and our trampoline and our garden and our sidewalk and our office and our screened porch and our wonderful neighbors and all that is familiar and good to us here in Lynchburg.

And it will be okay if we do, for the Lord has promised that He goes before us, that He loves us, that He is providing for everything we need for life and godliness. Everything else is wasting away anyway. What a good reminder for me to invest more in relationships and in things of lasting value.

We shall see what B decides. Either way, my heart is open and trusting.

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Debbie Millman said...

i wouldn't expect anything less from you, calli! trusting with you...