Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Still Getting Ready

Haircuts. Nails trimmed. Baby things organized. Bassinet up. Carseat accessible. Blinds dusted. Furniture rearranged. Clothes sorted and donations ready to go.

These are the kinds of things that give me a sense of being more ready for a new baby. (At 38+ weeks, we think the baby could come any day.)

Then, while walking tonight, I had the thought: If I were home right now and the baby was here, too. . . I'd be nursing and changing and putting a baby to bed. For some reason I just can't picture that! Add to that my thought today that surely, though my belly is large, I just can't possibly have a "full-size newborn" in there. . .

I don't think there really is a getting ready. The only thing I really want is a ready heart, an accepting heart, a heart leaned hard into the Lord. Oh, prepare me!

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