Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Maple Syrup Surprise

Last week a package arrive that we were not expecting. Inside were two jugs of Wisconsin maple syrup, a note, and four dollars to put in Easter eggs for the kids.

I cried.

The Lord continues to provide for us in unexpectedly wonderful, creative, amazing ways. We broke the seal on the syrup and enjoyed it on pancakes the next day in celebration.

Seems that my parent's generosity has blessed someone in their community. That woman, in turn, had the idea to send syrup to my family just because- and so she did. It was a little bit of "passing it on" and a little bit of listening to the Spirit, and a little bit of just good mid-western neighborliness.

I'm so thankful. On days when I wonder about life. . . and am reminded that Someone knows we like pancakes and have spent the grocery money and would be touched to receive a spontaneous gift in the mail. Thank you!

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