Monday, April 5, 2010

I Need YOU

T is calling for me from upstairs, again. He has had a fever and coughs for the past few days and seems to be having special difficulty falling and staying asleep. I, as a direct result, am feeling tired, and ashamed to admit... impatient.

So, I climb upstairs and lean down over him and ask, "T, do you need something?"

T (2): a tearful, "YES!"

me: "What do you need?"

T: "YOU."

That's it. Once he had me he could put his fingers in his mouth and rest. He was comforted. . . just by my presence.

That's humbling. And humiliating, when I was loathe to respond to his cries AGAIN. I'm so ashamed by my selfishness. Especially today, after celebrating Easter yesterday, thinking on all the Son endured for ME, who didn't deserve it. And the tears fall from my own eyes and all I want is HIM. . . So I understand my T and can only give thanks for this glimpse of grace.


Arinne said...

I've had a couple of nights like that with Rachel lately, and have had the same emotions. Thanks for your perspective of grace.

Cara said...

T is so sweet! I hope my baby loves me that much... :)