Friday, April 23, 2010

39 Weeks

We aren't surprised that I'm still pregnant, are we?

Another round of grocery shopping, cleaning, nail clippings, library exchanges, and errands are in the works. I still can't picture life with precious baby 5. I'll check the birth supplies once more today, but I know that there are diapers (and wipes!) and clean clothes and blankets. After four children, the necessities seem few. Hopefully, we'll be able to borrow a bouncy seat or swing or something (relatively safer than laying a baby on the floor around here!); I hadn't thought about those things until this week. I'm sure my brain is failing me; so I'm praying for flexibility and peace and wisdom from the Lord.

What a wonderful thing to carry a baby to term! It is SUCH a blessing to have a healthy pregnancy. I still credit JuicePlus+ with making a positive impact on the health of the pregnancy and baby. And I'm still walking. And I have excellent midwifery care.

40 weeks is right around the corner. I'm at my max pregnancy weight, when I normally deliver. I'm at the normal (for me) gestational age for delivery. We're within a week of the full moon; April 28 (all of the other children were born within 6 days of a full moon). The baby is at 0 station and I'm dilated, so I know that the contractions I've had off and on are effective. By no means am I anxious, but I anticipate, and my heart within me is quieted, like a bird in the hand of the Lord.


Lonna said...

I keep checking back to see if baby has arrived yet.... sending good birthing vibes your way!!!!

Hyun Joo said...


We are praying for your safe delivery and...Can't wait to meet your little boy! love and hugs..

The moon clan