Tuesday, March 23, 2010

When the Job Seems Endless

B has been working on Law Review since he was a 2L at Liberty. I'm not even qualified to adequately describe what Law Review is. Not only has he been involved in writing and editing articles for Liberty's law publication, but he was chosen as Managing Editor of Publication his 3L year.

That was last year. He graduated May 2009. And while everyone else on staff has seemingly moved on to their careers, my husband is still working to complete the second (and last) issue of Law Review that his staff was responsible for.

It doesn't seem quite fair to me that the working husband and father of four is shouldering this task (that others committed to and are receiving credit for), but it is what it is. What I think doesn't really matter very much, except that I think past the petty resentment of all the time this is sucking up (evenings after work until 10 p.m., 11 p.m., or after). I'm so honored by my husband's persistence and diligence to finish the job.

Even though I wanted to throw in the towel long ago and cry, "Who cares!?". . . he has been consistently loyal to the cause and worked on, because it was the right thing to do. He has poured over thousands of pages looking for errors, sent and resent documents. I groan when I see the familiar glossy envelope show up at our front door, but he just sighs and resumes his customary position on the middle couch cushion.

This man impresses me. He has a deep drive to see the job through and to make sure it is done the best that it possibly could be. B defines LOYAL. As a wife, it is so very comforting to know that my man, as committed to this publication as he is, is even more committed to me and to our family and to the Lord. I shouldn't question it.

Some things have come up within the last week that have brought turmoil to my spirit. I've wondered if God's good plans for my husband could ALSO be good plans for me. I've struggled to trust that our sovereign God can do both and can direct my imperfect husband to love and care for me in the ways that are best for me. This man that I love has passions and drive that I don't understand. As this seemingly endless job of Law Review drags on it is an appropriate time for me to recognize that God is using this man's strengths (and weaknesses) to care for our family and to bring Him glory. My confidence is in the Lord, but I'm sure proud of my husband.

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