Monday, March 22, 2010

Thankful for the Mess

It was encouraging to me to read Ann Voscamp's post today because it is where I am. I've been looking around at mess and disorder and noticing the mess of our hearts today. So messy. This Monday I've felt sidetracked by so many discipline issues, disobedience, unkindnesses, critical speech, complaining. The day felt old as we sat for lunch at 1 p.m. and I felt weary.

Isn't this what it means to be alive? To wake and struggle with sin? To long for order and beauty and to find ourselves disappointed unless we look to Him? I can give thanks in the mess, in the struggle, in the disappointment because we are alive and He is sovereign and His grace is enough.

85. Trim that needs painting; we live here
86. Answered, unexpected prayer for opportunity
87. Laughter with friends
88. Marshmallow in hair, sticky faces after roasting mallows
89. R on a bike, stick in hand, happily eating four black marshmallows from the end
90. Mud on the floor; we have been outside!
91. Popcorn on the grass; another picnic
92. Yellow forsythia blooming gayly
93. O spontaneously quoting William Wordsworth's Daffodils
94. Fun of playing worship songs
95. Garage sale give aways for L
96. T sleeping with his brown truck clutched to his chest
97. Pile of pancakes, disappearing withing minutes
98. R reading ravenously, finishing his first chapter books
99. Fresh smell of shelves in L's closet
100. Park and picnic with friends

holy experience


Trisha said...

Lovely words of encouragement! I really like number 85...that's what I need to keep telling myself..."we LIVE here.":) What rich blessings God has bestowed on you and your family.

Julie said...

Love what you shared. Thank you!