Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Observations

Oh; there is R's belt that no one could find on Sunday. Funny we didn't think to look in the drawer of the coffee table.

Hmmm... the back corner of the bathroom closet has some cobwebs. How come I haven't EVER cleaned in there?

Because I have bigger boys, I should expect that I will find BIG sticks (hand sawed and pocket knife trimmed, of course) in our yard. And piles of pinecones. And little sticks. And muddy holes.

The boys room will *SIGH* usually look this way (a mess!).

T says the baby is "puffing" out my belly. He also assures me that when the baby comes he (T) will willingly share my lap with him.

L wears mittens to bed. T sleeps with a tractor snuggled to his chin. Is this odd?

We haven't had (turkey and cheese) sandwiches for so long that L asks today, "What is this called?"

When I have a heady agenda of things to accomplish before B gets home for dinner. . . that is when the neighbors stop by.

And, our phone battery only lasts for two hours straight. That should be enough, right?! Yes, enough said.

Important things (like laundry) are taken care of in the morning with much more reliability than those things left until after naps (spelling, paying bills, scheduling brush pick up, etc.). Even though laundry doesn't seem to deserve such priority, if I left it to finish after lunch I would quickly have a monster to deal with.

Some friends have the gift of encouragement, and often their words affirm, too.

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