Monday, March 8, 2010

Being a Joy Finder

It's Monday, my day to purposefully post my gratitude. I want to be a joy finder. Not just to say tritely "I'm thankful for this; I'm thankful for that". . . but to really see God's mercy and grace and love in it all. My natural eyes don't look at things that way. I'm naturally looking for things that make me happy, prosper my family, are easy and fun and rewarding. I'm not, in my own flesh, looking around for God's glory everywhere. But I want to be.

Today I am FINDING Joy in:
71. Produce in season in VA again!
72. T's deep chortling laugh
73. R finding joy in spelling out his requests
74. O finding joy in chopping wood
75. Sunny spots on the floor for sitting and reading
76. Old, worn in sheets that are oh-so soft, warm and comforting
77. Unexpected financial provision (a gift. money found in a pocket. speakers sold.)
78. L's innocent (and slightly blond) questions
79. Scent of lavender
80. One last carrot found in the garden
81. Robins, cardinals and woodpeckers; have missed their company
82. Oatmeal bars with chocolate chips (the kids can only think of them as monkey bars!)
83. Good fiction to read before falling asleep
84. Small green shoots

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