Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Overwhelmed by Grace

We continue to ask the Lord to show us His provision and His care for our needs. I feel so helpless, so dependant... sometimes fearful and discontent.. . sometimes rejoicing in small signs of His love. Today was a day of being overwhelmed by His grace.

My friend, Jaime, wrote to me today: "God's grace, unmerited favor, is beyond fathoming. We don't deserve His grace, but we keep being blessed by it." That was my day; living this blessed grace.

58. A note and a box from a friend brought me to tears. Small things, but such blessing.
59. An opportunity to earn income by teaching a neighbor's child for a few hours a week.
60. Surprise referral. Excited for these children's health!
61. A hope that seemed too big and too impossible. . . suddenly looming possible and near. . . relationship with esteemed saints.
62. Little heel pushing on my hand.
63. Trundle mattress coming tomorrow.
64. Sunshine on my back.
65. Sidewalks clear for biking... the first time in a long time!
66. Family clambering over Brussels sprouts.
67. Options: bananas and apples and oranges for the first time in a long time.
68. T's joy in obeying and exclamation, "Daddy; I obeyed right away!"
69. Big boy bringing in the neighbor's garbage can without being asked to.
70. Clean, white, inviting matelasse cover.

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