Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sonogram Notes

We (all of us except T) went to see our baby last week on Thursday (New Year's Eve). What a miraculous peek into mystery.
I still can't comprehend the weaving that God does to make a child in the dark place.
Hearing a heartbeat, even after six times, still causes my stomach to flip-flop.
Seeing a face, toes, hands. . . moving, grasping, kicking, breathing. . . it takes my breath away. And I laugh. It's so amazing, I just can't help myself. (Though it is impossible to have a clear sonogram when one's belly is shaking with uncontrollable mirth.)

And we heard from Kim, the tech. . .
He is active!
He has ten fingers; ten toes.
He is healthy!
He loves his feet. (His hands were mostly playing with his feet as we watched.)
He is most definitely a BOY.

And I saw. . .
He has something about him that looks exactly like T.
He has R's nose (my dad's).
He is already prepared for life with big siblings (he liked to put his hands up in a defensive gesture before his face.)
He IS. Alive. Moving. Growing. Ordained. Our boy.


Lonna said...

Congrats Calli!

Life with Littles said...

Congrats! I am so happy to see you are having another little.

calli said...

Thank you for sharing our joy!