Tuesday, January 5, 2010


New Year. Same financial woes. We are working on what seems to be a mountain of debt, trying to live off of what seems like a pittance. We are stressed and stretched and at the same time, B and I find ourselves drawn together before God's throne- not just pleading for an easy way out, but really repenting and seeking His face and His provision for our family.

He always comes through.

Sunday seemed like a low point as we prayed in the early morning, but we asked God to encourage us, opening our eyes to see His care. Mercifully, we saw it:

1)A spontaneous supper invitation provided a free meal for our family.
2)Friends returning from FL called to offer us free citrus (YES!).
3)A Christmas return made in the nick of time put $20 cash in the bank.
4)B received his first court appointed case on Monday morning.

We are also working through Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. Step One (put $1000 in the bank within the next two months) seems impossibly daunting. With a little chart on the bulletin board, we're tracking each $10 deposit and looking for God to surprise us. We're only at $120, but I'm absolutely certain we'll have lots more God stories to share in the next few months. That's an adventure.


Cara said...

Danny just finished Ramsey's book (Financial Peace Revisited, I think). He really enjoyed it and seemed to get a lot out of it. All he wanted to do for about two weeks after that was create a budget (which we still have yet to do...). :) Good luck with your journey through the university!

Arinne said...

Calli, I, with you, anticipate how God will work immeasurably in this area of your life -- beyond your imagination, his Word tells us. Matt (and I) are privileged to walk alongside you in this journey.