Sunday, January 3, 2016

Teaching our Children to Hear Us

In this new year, I've gone through my crazy full email inbox and created a folder of great Bible study posts that I wanted to spend time with. This morning, I chose a Doorpost study on obedience from July of last year. These always give me insight and instruction that is so helpful! I especially like the ideas at the bottom for sharing what I'm learning with my children.

Here is the post I read this morning:

I'm convicted that I haven't been approaching the Word with an ear to yield and be obedient, giving my consent and interest and attention to the wisdom it contains. How much I've missed! How thankful I am that I can open the pages today and HEAR with the help of the Holy Spirit.

One thing that has been fun in teaching our younger children to hear and obey is to make a game of practicing these habits. When I would change the little one in the morning or at night, it was a good time to give instructions such as: go to the door; lay down on your back; roll over; pretend you are a puppy; blink your eyes; tackle me! (Honestly, some of this started when the little ones were SO wiggly and changing them was a challenge. But it turned into a game that yielded great results!) When the bigger kids happen to be in the room, they beg to be included in the game. Not only do I give them fun and silly instructions, but I can send them all over the house on little errands that are accomplished quickly and happily.

Another time we play this game is when we gather at the table for school time. I often notice how untidy things are at that very moment, and can send children to put away one item at a time with another silly command. (Grab the cape from the floor and spin with it all the way to the dress up bin, and then put it away. Do five jumping jacks and then take five books to the shelf.)

Our boys LOVE to be asked to be active. They are so happy with push ups, jumping, punching the air, crawling under furniture, giving high fives, kicking their feet, and rolling on the floor. We usually end up happy and panting at the table, which I think is a great way to have their attention to start.

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