Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Just a Photo Update

The blog has taken a backseat to my quickie friend, Facebook. Sorry, blog friends. Since I don't seem to have much to say lately, it's easier to stick to reading about others and looking at their fun photos. Still, there is a lot of life going on here... and I don't want to forget these moments and the GIFTS that they are. Here are a few of the more recent snapshots of our life.

Budgies at the Richmond zoo

Everyone's favorite outdoor activity.

I'm falling in love with The Lawyer from behind the camera. This was a late night project.

Look at what my Astronomy class learned! Do you know those verses? Can you find the constellations on the board?

The late night project, proudly completed. L's model solar system.

T's model solar system!

Another day, another injury. (Bike accident this time)

Not the best day.

And the other 3 were just as muddy.

Strawberry picking. The face gives him away.

They were so happy to fill their buckets!

Memorial day in Amelia, VA.

L's 10th birthday.

M's 5th birthday- even though G got the candle first.

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