Thursday, February 26, 2015

Too Good Not to Mention!

You know I like to share great things with you! I'm excited about two things today:

1) Momagenda day planners are 50% off with FREE shipping today. I don't know how long this deal lasts, and I know it's a warehouse clearance. I LOVE these planners and I truly think that organizing our time and days helps us to be more productive and better stewards of our time and resources. Here is a link. 

2) EVEN better... there is a new Busy Mamas Bible study starting in March!! I'm so excited to study Isaiah 53. I've only done one of these studies, but SO appreciated the depth of learning and the insight into Scripture and how much the Lord used His word to convict my heart and lead to changes within our home.It was challenging for me to stay on track daily, but I think this is a wonderful opportunity to dig into God's word AND to fellowship with believers AND to share His Word with our children. Would you join me?
I love this photo of the dear friend who introduced me to the Doorposts studies! She is a BUSY, godly mama of 7.

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robin schmitt said...

Thanks for sharing about the Isaiah 53 study, Calli. I'm in!