Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Breakfast Conversation

The thing about having a verbal 2 year old boy who is potty trained... is that you have some interesting conversations. I shouldn't be surprised, as we've been through this a few times, but it still kind of cracks me up. This was a little conversation today at breakfast:

G: "Where's Tate?"
me: "I don't know."
G: "A potty?"
me: "I don't know. Maybe he went potty."
G: "A pee pee?"
me: "Maybe he went pee pee."
G: "A doo doo?"
me: "Maybe..."
G: "A big one?"
me: "I don't know. Maybe..."
G: "A flush it?"
me: "I hope so!"
G, nods his head and states again, "A doo doo."

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robin schmitt said...

Too funny, Calli! Thanks for sharing. :-)