Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Another Monday

It strikes me tonight that having another Monday to give thanks is really extraordinary. Maybe this will be my last Monday. I can't assume that I'll be given Monday after Monday forever. Obviously, that's impossible. So, the very fact that I have this Monday night to give thanks is amazing.

Had a truly wonderful night reconnecting with an "old" friend. Am so blessed by the dear ones the Lord has put in my life though different seasons... and am surprised that so many of them have stuck around! These good friends have seen me go through hard things, have seen some triumphs, have seen me fall and fail and strive and give up, too.

Thankful tonight for my sweet children, who cleaned up the kitchen and insisted on hanging up streamers for my birthday tomorrow. (I'm just glad they did NOT make a big streamer "37" on the wall!!) The Lawyer took some of them shopping today for me, even though I really didn't want them to spend money on me. (I never understood why my dad always said he didn't want anything, but now I get it.) I'm also thankful that The Lawyer is allowing me to bake my own cake tomorrow (with help, of course!); no over-priced, little, sugary cake for us! Good local ice cream will taste wonderful with our Chocolatetown cake (which I love because it reminds me of ANOTHER dear friend who made it for us when T was born).

Tonight I'm thankful for good words from friends, from Scripture. Thankful that our windows are open, so I can hear the dear munching their way through the back yard. Thankful for so many beautiful things all around me and for beautiful people. Tonight I'm feeling very undeservedly blessed.

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