Monday, June 2, 2014

GaGa, Laughter, Desperate Hope

Monday night and so much to give thanks for:

1) Playing GaGa and laughing with big kids at night on the trampoline

2) A walk with just The Lawyer! We get to talk to each other! And run a few sprints.

3) A spontaneous song at church. . . which just happens to carry the title of The Lawyer's word for the year (and the book I am reading!): Desperate. Not a coincidence.

4) First words and the joy it bring to the children to hear G. "pop!"

5) All day outside yesterday; camp fires, long boards, waterfall hike, biking, hula hoops. . . so good for everyone!

6) Food in the cupboards! Loving buying larger quantities of things at Costco and not running out so quickly.

7) Cool sheets at night, the feeling of running my toes along the bed covers.

8) Hope. Just a ray of hope breaking through and lifting all the fog a little.

9) The best landlord, who brought a stand for our porch swing today because he knew I wished I could use it.

10) Each page done in school, each day bringing us closer to the space of SUMMER!


Julie Sunne said...

Calli, I love your joy list! Such simple, meaningful gifts. And what a lovely family you have. Grateful I stopped by from Ann's. Blessings.

Jennifer Dougan said...


Nice to be here again. I'm stopping over from Ann's link up. Fun to smile at your gifts with you too: clean cool sheets, children enjoying a sibling's first word and milestones, your walks and talks with your man, etc.

We too are cheering on the approach of summer and the near end of the school year. It comes tomorrow for us. :)

Have a great week,
Jennifer Dougan