Monday, May 12, 2014

Miracles (like rain and sun!)

Today, I spoke with my dad again (as I have every day since the farm accident last week), as well as with my Aunt Marilyn (John's wife). It seems as if I know most everything I could know without actually being there. My heart was so reassured today by these good conversations, and tonight as I think on it all, I am overwhelmed by the miracles the Lord works.

1) Uncle John is home today (came home yesterday) after the serious accident and major surgery on Wednesday last week.

2) John has full use of his limbs, can eat and talk and is eager to get back to work as usual. My aunt has told him that he can "take care of the cats, and that's it!" He's such a show off that he would only take aspirin at the hospital and said his pain was a 3 on the scale of 10. I also heard that when the nurse took him for a walk down the hall with a walker. . . he carried the walker.

3) My dad was given supernatural strength to lift an unbelievably heavy piece of equipment from my uncle. My aunt says that he saved John's life.

4) My aunts were having brunch at John's house the day of the accident. When my dad came to the house to call 911 and get Marilyn, these ladies and their guests began to pray. How amazing to have an assembled team of prayer warriors!

5) The best neurosurgeon in Rockford was there to perform surgery when John arrived.

6) John's life was spared!

7) Aunt Paula was to drive back to MI (alone) on Friday. She postponed her return trip after the accident, which was a good thing for HER.. because on Friday she didn't feel well and was sent to the hospital to have her appendix removed! She has been recovering well at Aunt Gretchen's. So thankful she wasn't on the road by herself in an emergency situation!

8) Dearest cousin Andrew has taken off of work to help on the farm during this time. Last week the men were concerned that they were behind on planting; this week they are surprised to find they are almost finished with the corn and beans!

9) Rain. And sun. At the right times. Alternating. Over and over again. This is what it has taken to plant and grow the corn over the past weeks.

It isn't lost to me that there are BOTH in life (rain and sun, storms and fair weather) . . . at just the right times (and not when we want or when we think we need it). Both are necessary. Both are good (even though we often complain about them!). I believe they are ALWAYS GOOD, always miracles, always gifts from the Creator who sifts all things through His hands and only gives us what is eternally good.

The hard things are so hard, yet necessary and for our good! And how sweet and warm and amazing the sunshine is when it comes, and how sweet and fresh and wonderful is the rain when we are parched. Each of these is from His hand. Gifts.

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