Monday, December 16, 2013

December Thanks

There are things that we do just because we know they are good for us. And it feels good after we do these things that were right to do. For me, exercise is like this. And getting up early so I can have quiet time with the Lord. And listing my thanks. I don't usually want to do these things before I make myself do them. And then, I'm so glad I did for the benefit in the end is more than worth the effort it took.

A girl with her dolls.

We see where G got the idea. . .  M (3)

G with an apple (12 mo)

Enjoying a fire after baths.

Men at work.

O (12) and R (10) staining a nativity set.
Today, right now, I am thankful for:
1241) Small houses- because they keep the ones I love close.

1242) A baby's loud singing. He doesn't have words yet (G is 12 months), but when I sing in church or at bedtime or before a meal, he lustily joins in.

1242) Firewood (free from our landlord!) and boys who love to make fires "for me" (they say!).

1243) Children clambering for the advent calendar.

1244) Advent books. Love these books by Arnold Ytreeide. The kids are excited for our daily reading- and so am I!

1245) Gift giving. . . to neighbors, to teachers, to friends. It's fun to bake cookies with the kids and big batches of granola to pack up and pass along.

1246) Bonus checks! I'm always surprised that I get a thank you check from the company I work for. I think it's me who should be thanking them; I get to work with amazing people.

1247) Blue December sky with clean white clouds.

1248) Sleep! From 10:30- 5:30 is absolutely amazing and refreshing.

1249) Family. It was so sweet to see my sister and her family last weekend. The space from CA to VA is vast, so a few hours together was precious.

1250) Friends with "propositions." This has included free babysitting, boys going biking and swimming together and play dates. Even as I miss our friends who moved away, I'm thankful for other friends reaching out to me.

1251) Milk! There has been a saga here of having milk and then running out of milk and then having more than we needed and then not having any and then me giving some of our milk away and not having milk for our own yogurt and for the baby. . . but the Lord has provided milk again.

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