Saturday, December 21, 2013

An Ordinary Week

The Lawyer and I were talking this week about sleeping arrangements. G has been in our bedroom in a pack n' play mostly, but sometimes we move the pack n' play into L's room at night. I was remembering that when we moved to this house, M was about the age that G is now (13 months) and I can't remember using the pack n' play for him. We were having the hardest time remembering if we put him on the crib mattress (and slid it under L's bed during the day) at that age or not. It's so hard to recall! Could it really be?

Then, L and I were talking today about potty training (can't even remember why we were on that subject!). She couldn't believe that O and R were wearing underwear when they were ONE. Even though I know it was true, I can hardly believe it now, either! I was telling her that I put all of them on the potty starting around age 6 months and we both wondered WHY M (3) still wets through his clothes so frequently. I'm sure it's that experience that has deterred me this time and I've only had G on the potty a handful of times. Such a shocking change! Now, I have three still using diapers or pull-ups. And I know how exhausting it is to change wet sheets and covers every day and I'm rather tired of the pile of wet underwear and pants on the bathroom floor. L suggests a little potty for G and I'm hoping that means she will help me clean it.

G was dropped on his face today on the blanket chest; lots of blood and crying. Of course, this happened just as I was ready to step into the shower. T (6) came rushing to me but I couldn't quite understand what the problem was. I ended up holding the poor baby in the shower with me.

L (8) and I went to see The Nutcracker today. She was rather shocked that there weren't ANY words. We enjoyed it, nonetheless. I, nostalgically, remembered going to The Nutcracker with my mom and sister. It's fun to do special girl things with my special girl.

I am missing family. My brother, who is supposed to be moving to NC, hasn't moved yet. We were hoping he could come for Christmas, but it isn't going to happen this year. We did get to see my sister and her family this month (they had a brief visit from CA for his work); it made me miss them more! Add to that, my cousin's family, who live a few minutes from us here, are back in IL for the week. It makes me think that we could be back at the farm, too (but for the expense of the trip and the really, really long drive and the packing and all that). And I talked with my mother-in-law who is concerned about the IL snowy weather and looking forward to spending Christmas with the Lawyer's sister's family. We haven't had Christmas with our families for so many years. Even though I love our quiet Christmas, I feel sad, too.

Love the funny things that are said around here. We watched The Sound of Music last weekend with friends from church. L wanted to know what nuns were. This week, we read about monks and monasteries in a book and she asked what they were. I explained that a monastery is like a convent, and is where monks live, pray, copy scriptures, and seek the Lord. M (3) quickly added that they also "sing a lot" (Sound of Music style, I'm sure!).

L was stumped in math this week and I was going over place value with her. We discussed the ones, tens, and hundred's place value. I asked, "When there is a one in the hundred's place, how much do you have?" She answered, "one hundred." (good!) A one with two zeros is one hundred. We did the same for the tens. "One ten and no ones is ten." Then, I asked, "If you only have ONE, where do you put it?" She paused, and I waited for her to say, "in the one's place." But, no. My blondie said. . . "I don't know; in the bank?"

I hope I'm not the only one who cleans out their van and finds piles of almonds, dried fruit, and apple cores. It's a dirty job, but it needed to be done. It also makes me very happy to change up the car seat arrangement. And it's extra exciting to move G to a big boy, forward-facing car seat.

It was 70 degrees here today and the warm weather was perfect for that van cleaning job. It's also been good for another leaf raking (and our front yard is now officially all dirt mud). It doesn't feel very Christmassy, but I'm very happy to spend lots of time outside.

Our big boys have been busy with projects. O (12) has been making and selling paracord bracelets. The 3 biggest boys have turned out a lot of rainbow loom bands. And when The Lawyer has pieces ready, they all work on sanding and staining nativity sets for gifts and to sell. To top it all off, they have spent a good deal of time chopping wood for our fireplace. These are great jobs for our boys and everyone is happy when they have productive work to do.

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