Saturday, November 23, 2013

Silly Little Me.

I'll just go ahead and tell on myself.

I'm fascinated by adoptions. I want to be part of adoptions. God's words have struck my heart and I feel I simply must do more to take care of widows and orphans.

What that means, practically, I don't know. It's just a yearning in my heart.

It was this yearning that prompted my conversation at CBS with another mom, who had hosted a Ukranian girl over Christmas last year and was preparing to go to the Ukraine to adopt this child soon. Politely, (I hope!) I asked lots of questions and volunteered to pray for this family and the sweet girl they hoped to adopt. Then, I asked about their fundraising. (I've had this idea of somehow using JuicePlus+ events as a way to raise funds for adoptions but don't have a clear plan to carry this out. Still, I really want to help!) She told me that she and her husband have been blessed and that they were already financially prepared to adopt. (Kind of a "thanks, but no thanks" answer.)

This woman is also in my CBS core group. (Not only do I see her at the Bible study each week, but I have the honor of discussing each week's lesson in a smaller group with her.) We've gotten to know each other better over the past few months and our children have enjoyed playing together at CBS, too. Of course, along the way, a conversation about wellness came up and we were able to talk about feeding our families and how JuicePlus+ has been such a blessing and why I feel it's the cornerstone of our nutrition. She was really excited about this and started thinking that it would be good to take JuicePlus+ with them when they head back to Ukraine (where food supply is questionable and fresh produce is rare).

It ended up that I was driving out to her house to drop off some Complete shakes on a Monday night after dropping O off at scouts. (And realizing that she lives FAR away from me!) Her husband wasn't sure he was ready to order a four month supply and then we ran out of time for it to be shipped to them anyway. The Lawyer and I decided to gift them a bag of shakes. I SO much wanted them to have the shakes for their trip and honestly, I was enamored at the thought that I could in some, albeit tiny, way be part of supporting their adoption.

And this is just how silly I am. They didn't need our financial support. And yet I drove up to their very nice, large brick house in their very nice, expansive, perfectly manicured neighborhood. . . with my $30 gift of shakes.

I felt very small and very sheepish as I drove away. And yet, I'm still excited about this family's living out of their faith and the orphan that they are adopting.

I don't mind telling on myself, because I'm just a sinner. And this is a story of Jesus, and how His love transforms hearts and allows us to love others and do crazy things. And maybe, His love makes me a little crazy, too.

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