Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rachel's Letter to her NFP Instructor

About a hundred years ago (or maybe it was just eight?), The Lawyer introduced me to Rachel of Testosterhome. She's my friend now, whether she knows it or not (though I think one day we'll meet and she'll agree to the friendship). I loved that I would giggle and guffaw through her posts- and it's not an easy thing to get me laughing like that. Somehow, her crazy life with lots of boys made so much sense to me and she could write about it in a way that I could really appreciate it and see it for what it really was- a crazy, wild adventure. I loved that.

Now, I only check in occasionally. I guess we're both too busy for quite so much writing or reading of blogs. She posted this, however, and I just thought it was so great. 
A Letter to my NFP Instructor

We aren't Catholic. (But The Lawyer and I joke that we look more Catholic than most of the Catholics we know!) But we love Jesus and I so appreciate that Rachel and I share faith. Her sincerity and the way she and Paul have made decisions about their family impress me. They are trying to follow God in ways that can be hard but also good. Trying to keep their sanity but not hold too tightly to their ideas of an ideal life.

I've learned a lot over the years from Rachel. Just as she thanks her NFP instructor, I thank her.

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