Saturday, November 30, 2013

Just in Time for the Black Friday Sales. . . or not. . .

My blog friend (whom I've never met and who I'm sure doesn't know who I am!) Sarah has a great post on Christmas ideas for kids. Hers is beautiful, with photos and cute little things she has to say about each toy/game/doll/book. I've gotten great ideas from her before and like to share her post. You can see it all here!

I have a smaller list (and I lack all the beautiful photos!), but I did think it was time to update our "favorite things." And, I did go to the painstaking trouble of linking up most things for you, so you can easily find what I'm talking about!

Hopefully, there will be some ideas in here for the special people on your list this year. Admittedly, we are trying to stay as simple and uncluttered as possible in our small space (which is impossible with six children, I think!). We are opting not to purchase Christmas gifts this year. . . but there are still some fun things that can fit in our (giant, homemade, wonderful) stockings! These are also good birthday gifts and even some gifts that are family-building for any time of the year.

Trampoline even in the Snow

Curtis-Kid Approved Favorites

For Outside Fun:
  • Razor Scooter
  • Razor Rip Rider
  • Unicycle 
  • Lightsabers 
  • Trampoline. A serious must-have for our boys. Hours and hours and hours. . . 
  • The Flying Turtle. M (3) draws a lot of attention when he zips around our neighborhood on this. He has his own style!
    M on the Turtle
    T on the Rip Rider

Indoor Fun:
pattern blocks

Books: (There are too many good books to list! Here are just a few off the top of my head.)
  • The Pineapple Story. There is a book and audio cds. We really enjoyed listening to the audios in the van.
  • G.A. Henty books on tape. We prefer those read by Jim Weiss. My boys (age 4+) love these; there are battles and blood, intrigue, and plot twists in these historical fiction books. Others (like L) might find them to be a bit dry and not their cup of tea.
  • Your StoryHour audios. Favorites to listen to in the van. We have borrowed some from friends.
  • Runner from Ravenshead. A favorite of the 2-8 age set. Very simple but really sweet with children actors.
  • Kipper. Still . . . ever and anon. . . a favorite around here. The big kids are still drawn in if they hear Kipper and before I know it, everyone is gathered around the computer screen to watch the same episodes they have seen a hundred times!

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