Monday, November 11, 2013

He Feels Normal

Ahhh... how good it is to be "normal."

R (10) had his appointment with the ENT today. The doctor thought things looked good and he decided to take out the drainage tube from behind R's ear. Then, he removed the stitches holding the sponge in place in R's ear canal. These were uncomfortable for R, but he performed bravely.

The Lawyer and I were shocked to see the drainage tube. It had been sticking out a good half inch behind R's ear. The doctor loosened the tube and began to gently pull it out. Neither of us were expecting to watch him continue to pull it out. . . a good four or five inches of tube!

The first thing R said when the sponge was removed was, "That feels better! Everything is really loud now." We're hoping that means his hearing really is normal.

And tonight, I'm pausing again to give thanks. For:

1231) The boy's sense of humor that causes us to grin- even in the hospital and in the doctor's office

1232) He feels normal! Very low pain. Very low swelling. Hearing seems normal.

1233) Generally healthy children. These extra visits to the doctor are expensive and keep us from getting in a good school day. I'm so thankful they aren't normal for us.

1234) Six healthy, vibrant children. Yesterday we met a family whose son has developmental delays. I realized that I haven't had to work that hard with my children on the basic things.

1235) Texts. Love them and hate them. My phone was overwhelming me at the hospital and I intentionally left it on vibrate so I could ignore it for awhile. Yet. . . it was heartening to hear from so many who were praying!

1236) Prayers of the saints. It felt hard for me to pray last week. I was shuttling people around, making trips back and forth from the hospital, staying up late and weary and a bit frightened. I just couldn't get words out of my lips. And though I couldn't seem to manage that, we FELT the prayers of the saints surrounding us. I know God was faithful to the prayers of others on our behalf. I'm so very, very grateful.

1237) A three year old. He just cracks me up and I have to smile at what he says. When I took him with me to the hospital to see R, he was enthusiastic about everything. As soon as we walked in he exclaimed, "Wow! Look at these [laminate] wooden floors, Mom! They are SO beautiful! I love them. Don't you love them, Mom?" (I do think they were recently polished, perhaps!)

1238) G, holding out his arms and reaching for the big boys. Endearing.

1239) Raking leaves. It just makes me happy.

1240) Retraining my brain, taking thoughts captive. I've grown lazy in my thinking and need to renew my mind and grow in wisdom. I'm trying a 21 Day Brain Detox and enjoying already the needed mental shift.

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