Thursday, October 3, 2013

Life, In Photos

A beautiful day at Lewis Ginter Botanic Gardens

Stunningly colored Morning Glories

We love to climb. This Live Oak was such fun!

G (10 months)

The butterfly exhibit was really, really cool. O took many photos of gorgeous butterflies. We had to walk slowly and watch out for butterflies on the floor.

Look what is growing in our garden! We're really excited about this butternut squash.

You can see the squash growing off the Tower Garden and over the front lawn!

This month M (3) had training wheels put on his little bike. He's now a big bike rider like everyone else. 
     I love a 3 year old boy on a bike.

This photo reminds me of one my mom has of my younger brother "holding" our cat.

Home School! We're having a race for fun after talking about Greece and the Olympics.

He's happy because he won the race.

The Lawyer thought this was hysterical. I did not (because that's my hair!). Can you read the warning?!? M did not.

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