Monday, October 28, 2013

Gifts to Remember

I'm not sure if it is sleep-deprivation or still-waning post-partum hormones, or just aging that has been leaving me feeling so clueless lately. It's as if I can almost get my brain around an idea and then "poof!" it's gone. I can't remember the logic that I followed and I have to start over at the beginning of the thought. . . and I can't always remember the beginning thought.

Oh, how desperate I am for grace and wisdom that I lack! The less and less I seem to know, the more and more I call on Christ to make sense of things for me, to help me remember, to just cause it all to work out right because I surely can't figure out any of it. And I desperately want all of this (life and mess!) to work out right for all those involved that I love so desperately.

And so much life has happened in the past few weeks and it has all whizzed by and I'm just barely remembering what has happened and preparing myself for the next day. Yet, I'll slow down and give thanks tonight, weighing down the moment and writing it down so that I can remember.

1221) Birthday cake from my cousin. Yummy Coconut-Pineapple cake she made and brought over... and I got to eat the leftovers, too.

1222) The Lawyer's "healthy" chocolate cake that he arranged for my birthday while we were in FL. The effort it took made the cake extra sweet and delicious for me.

1223) Sweetness of the earnest counsel of friends. So good to visit with friends in FL. The kinds of friends you can drop in on at 9 am on a Sunday morning after driving 12+ hours all disheveled in the church clothes you packed. And they are in pajamas but make you eggs and coffee anyway.

1224) Family time. Love that we saw an aunt and grandma in FL and had time to enjoy them.

1225) Birthday AGAIN... for O today. A bracelet birthday. Enjoying this boy who is making rainbow loom bracelets like crazy and is now starting in on paracord bracelets. And learning to ride a unicycle.

1226) Sleep. A five hour stretch that was amazing.

1227) Amazing conference. Stories from the heart, touching my heart. Vision and hope and planning.

1228) Sharing the JuicePlus+ conference with The Lawyer for the first time. I can't describe how much joy I felt discussing JuicePlus+ "things" with him for hours on end as we journeyed home. So good to share this!

1229) R has had a sore neck and he believes that ginger ale is the answer. The chiropractor did recommend it (ginger is anti-inflammatory), and that will keep R going for a good long while.

1230) Leaf trails across the front yard are paths for races. Fun to play outside with the kids on these chilly days when the sunshine is so appreciated!

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Anonymous said...

I think with each child, I learned to give more and more to Him - because there is just too much for me to handle or wrap my brain around anymore:) and learning to find these little gifts from God in the daily - that has slowly replaced my frustration at not being graceful with it all! Wishing you sweet blessing this week - and fun times in those leaf paths!