Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Week, In Bullet Points

  • Happy Anniversary to us! 14 years. We celebrated with a delicious (healthier than most) bakery cake and looked through our wedding photos with the kids. They said, "Wow, Mom. You were pretty then!" and also commented that I used to be strong. But I wasn't the only one receiving flac. Both sets of grandparents had surprisingly dark hair way back then.
  • Even though I felt like a super-good mom when I signed all three biggest boys up for flag football, I've realized that I wasn't super-smart. For starters, we have three games every week (I assumed that O and R would be on the same team if they were able, but no.) I thought that practices and games were done by noon on Saturdays and didn't mind giving up the mornings for the boys' enjoyment. Turns out that on most weeks we will also have a 1 pm game. Today we were at the fields from 9 am - 2:30 pm. Can you even guess how many trips we took to the church to use the restroom? (Guess more than 3.) We also spent an hour in between practices and games on the church playground, eating our popcorn snack. So thankful for nice weather today!
  • We are back to CBS (Community Bible Study), and the kids are really enjoying it again. I'm finding it really interesting to study Romans and think on the verses we've memorized and be able to maneuver them around in my mind. I do think it is true that when you know the information (the pegs in the classical education model) you can more easily apply it.
  • Our butternut squash is growing from our TowerGarden! We have watched blossoms come and go for weeks and now, at last, we are watching the squash grow each day. It's fun for all of us- and means that we have some yummy fall lunches to anticipate.
  • The baby is now 10 months old. He has two teeth (not the two you would think), is pulling up on everything and trying to take steps, and starting to sign and clap. He's had waving down for awhile; he's the best waver we've had. T can really make him laugh. He'll also stretch out his arms to the bigger kids to hold him.
  • I moved G into L's room this week after The Lawyer mentioned he would like to have his bedroom back. After all, it was our anniversary. Mostly, this move means I have to move the pack n' play back to our room for the daytime naps. Hopefully, it also means that I won't hear G as easily in the night and he will resettle himself. Not sure that's happening yet, but I'm happy to have a happy husband.
  • We feel much busier than I like (piano, CBS, church group, and football out of the home) and it does seem that life is flying by at an alarming pace. It's impossible to accomplish what I would like and I'm constantly wondering what we ARE accomplishing, anyway. Maybe the wrong question to ask. . . praying the Lord will clarify our priorities and give the energy we need and draw all hearts to Himself.

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