Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday Misc.

A top ten six from this week:

1. The whistling baby is 9 months old tomorrow. So hard to believe. (Both that he is nine months old AND that he really can whistle.) He can also pull up on anything, get around like lightning, and make us all smile.

2. I've read recently that this time in life is aptly called "The BLUR." I couldn't agree more. Is it the lack of sleep? The endlessness of the trips to the potty? The sameness of laundry and dishes and food and bedtimes and training and all of it that lulls you into thinking you are standing still when really, life is slipping out from under you at an alarming pace?

3. No hot water tonight after 4 showers and 2 baths and lots of dishes and laundry, too. No wonder.

4. School should be starting. I'm still regrouping from last year and planning our schedule (plan of attack!) for this fall. We'll enjoy one more week of "break" before we jump back in. The "break" is especially sweet for us because the Jacks will be visiting next week. (I say "visit" but they are really just packing up the last of their things and moving for good. Boohoo.) AND, we have rejoined our neighborhood association, so we are trying to go to the pool or the tennis courts every chance we have (which isn't as often as the kids like because Mom doesn't really like to take the baby to the pool when it isn't even 80 degrees).

5. Still excited about our TowerGarden as we clip herbs and find cucumbers and tomatoes turn red. Just put in ten new plants and look forward to more lettuces and things to come.

6. Feeling like my own life is challenging, and then I read this, from Ann, nailing me in the heart:  

The only way to care for the disadvantaged – is to disadvantage yourself –which is guaranteed to turn out for your advantage.

I so hate to feel disadvantaged, don't you? And yet it is true that I have more than most people have. And it is true that I will have even more if I give it away.

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