Monday, August 19, 2013

Confirmed Trust in His Help

Oh, the Lord is so good to me.

Yesterday was a really hard day. I was discouraged by circumstances, angry at myself and others, desperate and lonely and everything seemed hard. There were tears.

And then I read this:
Thy Holy Spirit is given to increase thy graces, 
  and I cannot preserve or improve them unless he works continually in me.
May he confirm my trust in they promised help, 
  and let me walk humbly in dependence upon thee, for Jesus' sake. 
(Grace in Trials, from the Valley of Vision)

And the night didn't get any easier and, in fact, I went to bed disheartened.

But I believe that others were lifting me up in prayer and I know that each morning I can look for new mercies. Today I saw them, mercies for me- little things that I recognized God's fingerprints on that confirmed His love to my aching, wondering, desperate heart. He confirmed my trust in His help.

 1161) Little boys broke (another) of my necklaces yesterday. Today, The Lawyer found the missing link and I will be able to fix said jewelry.

1162) The doctor's office that canceled the Lunch and Learn with me. . . today the doctor decided that he would like to reschedule.

1163) The van door that wouldn't open (because someone hit our bumper at Family Camp) . . . our deductible was $500. . .but today when I took it to the auto body shop the hero of my day fixed it in a few minutes, smiled, and they didn't charge us anything.

1164) $.90/gallon discount at Kroger. He provides the gas for the van He provided.

1165) When my business may not meet company criteria for the status I hold. . . someone contacts ME with a need for nutrition and starts JuicePlus+. And the company gives me a lead.

1166) The children seem so critical of each other and I know they hear it from me. . . and so we play a game and "earn" checks when we build each other up. I have as much (or more!) fun as they do.

1167) The library book that has been overdue for months. . . Ben Hur, accumulating a nice fine. . . I found sitting on the doctor's bookshelf.

1168) These crazy, amazing children. R (9), fascinated that we are all descendants of Noah. . . says if we remembered it, we would stop fighting wars and in the middle of hand-to-hand combat say, "Hey! You're my cousin, 73 times removed!"


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