Saturday, July 6, 2013

Family Camp and Back

The wonderful blogs I love to read have nicely written paragraphs, cohesive thoughts, bookend beginnings and endings. I resort to bullet points. It's all my tired brain can put together before bed.

Family Camp

  • Monday - Friday camp at a PCA location; intended for families.
  • Beautiful! We were in the mountains of North Carolina and the waterfalls, lakes, trees.  . . all of nature was stunningly beautiful.
  • Not that we were out in it all that much to enjoy it. It rained It seemed like the rainiest week of my life.
  • What can you do in the rain at camp? A lot. For example, a foot race, an obstacle course, a giant swing, bicycling, flag football, archery, and even hiking. There were also things to do indoors: carpet ball, gaga ball, ping-pong, billiards, corn hole, and other games with friends.
  • The best part for me was that our whole family was "unplugged." No one asked me to use the computer or the Kindle. The Lawyer rarely had his iphone out. There were a few movies, but none in our lodge. No video games or neighbors stopping by with their electronics. Ahhhhh.
  • Our family enjoyed the teaching and especially enjoyed time with our dear friends (the Jacks family). I felt like I didn't spend a whole lot of time with my family. The kids had their own morning program and in the afternoons I often went back to the lodge with the littlest two for nap time. At night I would bring back the younger children and The Lawyer would stay out for late night activities with the older kids. We had meals together (though the big boys often sat with other boys), but it was challenging to hear in the dining hall and I rarely sat down (G usually was restless in the Ergo at that time).
  • The Lawyer and I shared a room with M and G at camp. G is not sleeping well and was getting up every 2 hours through the night at camp.
  • M (3)seems to make friends easily and was well-known by practically everyone at camp. By the end of the week everyone was calling "Hey, Miles!" and giving him high-fives wherever we went.
  • I think the big boys loved the dining hall, where meals were family style and the food seemed endless. When we asked what food was their favorite, we heard: the bacon, the burgers, the sausage links, the sausage patties, the chicken fingers.  . . see a pattern here?!?! It was pretty awesome to them. And I was thankful for fresh fruit, oatmeal, and salads at dinner.
And Back!
  •  The drive back took about 9 hours (driving and stopping- and there were a LOT of potty stops). We got home about 7:30 last night.
  • Then, M cried because he doesn't want to live in this house but he wants to go back to our "other house" (aka Iverson Lodge at camp!).
  • Today was the putting back in order day: pulling out the wet and muddy clothes and doing 5 loads of laundry (at least!), vacuuming, unpacking, storing the bags, checking mail, etc. And 5 haircuts tonight.
  • And we picked blueberries this morning! The kids and I went to Swift Creek Berry Farm and picked about 15 pounds of berries. The real blessing was that my cousin and her family went at the same time and they kept us company, kept us on track, and she really helped with M (who, of course, needed to use the port-a-potty several times).
  • So, we made blueberry popsicles today (O did) and blueberry cobbler (L did) and froze many pounds of the plump, juicy berries.
  • And The Lawyer worked, of course. He had things to take care of for his online class and spent all day (and night) attending to that. (He hadn't been able to access this at camp.)
  • I tried G in L's room last night and moved her to the top bunk in the boys' room (the arrangement at camp)... but G did not go back to sleep well last night, either, and his screams from the other bedroom were still too much for me and I was extra tired with walking back and forth and moving the pack-n-play around today for naps. He's back in our room tonight and I don't know what to do for this baby.
  • Venison for lunch tomorrow with homemade coleslaw. Soaked pancakes for breakfast today and homemade bread with tuna salad and greens from our Tower Garden for lunch today. And the popcorn that I missed all camp week. Real food without packages or added sugar.
  • This feels like normal life again, then. I remember it all now.
(sorry I can't figure out the photo arrangement; I don't like it, but I don't know how to fix it!)

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