Friday, July 12, 2013

Can You Hear?

We were at the doctor's office this week for some well checks. They break our family into groups of two to be seen on any particular day. Even though I don't love this, I can understand. Just two appointments (together!) took us well over 2 hours!

The most interesting parts of the entire process were the vision and hearing screenings. L (8) followed directions well and didn't have any trouble. M (3) had the benefit of watching her, but was still a little uncertain when it was his turn to cover one eye and call out: moon! hand! star! O! He kept edging closer and closer to the printed paper with each question.

Then came the hearing screening. The nurse used a device to emit sounds into the ear and asked the children to quickly raise their hand when they heard the tone. M watched L. Then, it was his turn. He took the chair, put his hands on his knees and tucked his head down toward them, and then looked up at me seriously. The nurse began.

M darted his eyes to the right and the left. His fingers fluttered up and down on his knee. I thought he should have heard something by this point. He looked at me questioningly: "Now?"
I shrugged: "I don't know."
M: "Can you hear it?"
I shook my head: "No."
M: "Me either."

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