Thursday, July 18, 2013

Mamas and Bathrooms

If my experience is not altogether uncommon, I would venture to guess that large family mamas do not go to the bathroom very often.

I mean, I go to the bathroom-but usually that is so that I can lock the door and fall on the floor and cry and pray without everyone watching me (and interrupting to ask me for food or something!).

When I actually need to use the facilities, I try to sneak away real quick and hope no one notices I'm gone. But they do. Almost always. No matter what I leave them doing, they suddenly miss me and come to search me out.

Just last week I left 3 children busy with play-doh, the baby in his bed, and big boys outside. I stole quietly into the bathroom (because the baby is sleeping right there in our bedroom, too!). As I closed the door I thought, "I should probably lock that. . . nah, I'll be okay for two minutes."

No sooner did I sit down then the door opened with a triumphant bang against the wall. Three children sang a boisterous "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" chorus to me (not my birthday) while presenting me with two plates of play-doh cookies and cakes and ice cream creatures.

And I guess I did a good job pretending to be happy at my celebration, because their spirits didn't seem the least bit dampened by the venue. 

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