Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tuesday Ten

It's Wednesday. I think. BUT, I'm going to do the Tuesday Ten anyway, because I like the idea of it and if I wait until next Tuesday I'll probably miss it again. The days are just flying by around here.

This is my real photo! I love it!
1. If you haven't tried these Delicious Soaked Pumpkin Muffins... you really should. They are my FAVORITE. Yum. Yum. L made some today with Molly (a sweet girl from our church who offered to come over to help) and I love them. The texture is amazing.. everything about them is just yummy.

2. Molly! I must seem like I need help. I really do! I asked the Lord awhile ago to provide some kind of help for me if He knew it would be good. The Duggars have a lady who comes in and does all their laundry, so I figured I could at least ask and He would send someone just right for us. This very sweet young lady from church contacted me and offered to come over some this summer to help out around our house. She's so great with children; they love her. She's willing to help with cooking and cleaning up; just this week she helped me by cutting up carrots, vacuuming the van, and washing windows. What a huge gift to us!

3. Laundry! Just today I did: swimwear, towels, a cherry-stained white bed-cover, blood-stained pillow, a load of diapers, and a load of regular clothes. And now I have whites in the dryer. This is only slightly more laundry than a normal day!

4. Vitamix ice cream. The kids love it when I puree frozen bananas with some milk to make "ice cream" desert. Sometimes we add other frozen berries. It really is yummy.

5. More rain. Is it rainy everywhere? This is the rainiest season I can remember since we moved to VA. It means more movies than normal around here, which doesn't bother anyone but me.

6. The Lawyer is also A Professor. Have I mentioned that? I'm very proud of the effort he is putting into his first Liberty online class. I can see him as a full-time professor one day, maybe.

7. O had Boy Scout camp last week. After the recent Scout announcement, we aren't planning to continue with the organization. Now, we're wondering if he can make it to Eagle before we pull out.

8. There are chipmunks living in our garage. I'm kind of scared to go out there at night. One night I carelessly threw open the door and dashed down the steps... and practically walked on them. That's cooled my heels.

9. I love 5:30 a.m. outside in the summer. The sunrise is amazing every morning and the air feels so good and the birds are lovely.. and I wonder why I don't go out there more often. (It's because I'm still not sleeping enough!)

10. As I reflect on the stitches, I'm so thankful that it was so convenient. I mean, I didn't have to call the doctor, pack everyone up, and fret over anything at home. We had barely left the pediatrician's office and had nothing to reschedule. And the boys seem to be doing just fine.

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