Thursday, June 20, 2013

Limited Edition Jeep

R (9) is the boy who is "into" cars and vehicles of all kinds. He especially appreciates fast and powerful cars. He is quick to direct our attention to a passing mustang, porsche, or ferrari. (And I'm sorry to say that I really am not as interested as he would like.) His brothers have gotten in on this, too, and even M (3) will call out "Mustang!" when we're out and about. The other brothers defer to R's judgement and ask him which cars are faster and what kinds of engines they have and such. I confess that I try, halfheartedly, to be engaged in these conversations.

R and I walked past a Grand Cherokee the other day and he asked me why JEEP would want to put "Limited" in gold letters on the outside of it's Grand Cherokees. I was surprised that he would ask me anything about a vehicle. . . and doubly surprised because he's also a word kid and I knew he knew what "limited" meant.

I explained that  a "limited" edition meant that they didn't produce as many of this model Jeep.

"Oh!" he exclaimed. "I thought it meant limited PERFORMANCE! I couldn't understand why they would want to advertise in gold letters that their jeeps had limited performance!"

Now, when he sees a Jeep Grand Cherokee, he is quick to point out (with that wry smile of his) "There's one of those limited performance Jeeps!"

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