Sunday, June 16, 2013

I Learned from my Father. . .

That it takes time to grow good things- plants, children, families, relationships, a heritage.

That it's okay to drink water from the jar and pass it around.

That sitting on the front porch is a valuable pastime.

That neighbors are always welcome to come in and share whatever we have.

That it's not too embarrassing to be seen in your underwear and socks.

That laughter is good.

That "it's bedtime for Bonzos" and "time to climb the wooden hill."

That drought is followed by rain and rainy seasons are followed by sunshine and if you just wait it will all come out alright.

That animals are fascinating and also predictable- a lot like people.

That a good dog is a good friend, and ought to come in the house on really cold, rainy nights.

That hard work has it's own rewards.

That sunscreen is overrated, but a head needs a hat.

That husbands should flirt with their wives and that the little things in a marriage add up over time.

That being well-rounded means working hard at work but also playing hard, too,  and being involved in a community and serving others.

That some things are just right and some things are just wrong. And those things are worth fighting for.

That those who have served us in our military deserve thanks and respect for the high honor.

That family birthdays and anniversaries, births, and deaths are all celebrations worth remembering.

That almost anything can be fixed with something already on hand.

That "I love you" often sounds like "don't be out too late" or "we're just concerned for you" or simply "no."

That what is sown will eventually be shown for what it is. The years of growing up on the farm have continued to swell in me and I'm still the farmer's daughter at heart.

Happy Father's Day!

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