Saturday, May 18, 2013

Yes, We DId

Pick about 60 pounds of strawberries yesterday. They were beautiful! Big, red, juicy, perfectly delicious berries without pesticides on them at all. We drove out to Windmill Hill Farm in Jetersville, VA where the price for u-pick was $1.75/pound.

And you, know... that $100 of berries will be enjoyed for the next several days and the frozen berries will (Lord willing!) go into many shakes for the next several months. I always think that I'll freeze enough bags to last us through those dreary days of winter when a vanilla Complete shake with summer-tasting strawberries is just so amazing. . . but somehow, we always run out well before the next strawberry season comes around. Even with 8 flats of berries filling the fridge.

(I should add that it was the BEST picking my kids have ever done. I was SUPER thankful to only take M (3) into the farmhouse once this year for the potty. Last year it was at least 3 times! I remember last year being not so fun as I was pregnant. This year with Graham on my back was good; he did cry for awhile but fell asleep finally. It was a rather warm 80 degree day, but really so very enjoyable!)

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