Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Ten thoughts or ten minutes. . . ready, set, GO!

1. Love, love, love the delight my bigger kids take in my younger kids. Today, M pointed to G (5 mo) and said, "That's my very sweet little brother." It brings me such joy to see the big kids ooh and aah over G and how his smiles delight everyone.

2. Life. Just such a gift. We have a dear relative who went home to glory this week. It was hard for us not to be there to say goodbye. There are many end-of-life decisions that grieve me. It seems that we, as a culture, have strayed so far from God's view of life. . . that we would think there are lives "not worth living" or that we could determine that someone "isn't really living." When God is the one who gives BREATH (life!). . .  I'm just astounded by the gift of life.

3. Dogwoods. Gloriously beautiful. O (11) and I were talking today about the beauty of the dogwoods and how gloriously brilliant white they seem to shine in the sunlight. A dogwood in full bloom is almost dazzling. We tried to imagine that Jesus will be 100 or 1000 times more brilliant. It's just impossible for my mind to conceive!

4. Back to two vehicles. This week we sold the truck that was gifted to us last year. The Lawyer was rather sad to part with it, and yet determined this was the best decision for our family for now. We were able to sell it to some friends who offered us a generous amount for it. We surprised them by taking less than they offered. (An amount that The Lawyer and I had agreed on beforehand.) It was so fun for us to be on the GIVING end this time and to be able to give the truck that was given to us.

5. Taxes and income. It's amazing to look back on a year's income! We wonder how it was even possible for our family to live on the amount we made. Such a story of God's goodness and care! This is why I can confidently recommend that wives stay home to take care of their households and families. I believe that God will do as He promises in His word- to take care of our food and clothing so that we need not worry about it. I believe it because He has done it for us in extraordinary ways!

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