Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday Ten

Or... uh, Wednesday ten? That must be how tired I am- my brain is an entire day behind my body.

Here are ten minute's worth of thoughts for the night: (which doesn't mean they are actually worth anything!)

  • Lunches lately: beans and rice. broccoli and rice. lentils and rice. beans and rice in tortillas. A theme?
  • Have to love two year olds. They want to do everything by themselves and have the verbal skills to prove it. On one recent walk, M (2) wanted to push the (empty) stroller. [I had G in the Bjorn and M is 2, so of COURSE the stroller was empty!] The Lawyer told him that he could not push the stroller. M asked, "why?" and The Lawyer gave his best lawyerly, dad response: "Because."
  • "Because WHY?" M persisted.
  • "Because I'm the dad." The Lawyer said."Oh." said M. Then he sighed deeply and walked along behind me muttering, "I am not the dad. I am not the dad. . . "
  • Bullets are not working for me tonight. *sigh.*
The kids and I have finished memorizing Romans 1. They amaze me. And it has blessed me to have God's Word in my mind.

I learned how to knit this week! I loved having something tangible to show for my time and effort- it was exhilarating! Knitting = exhilarating.

We have loved the Torchlighter dvds. Have I said that already? We just watched another one tonight and I was again inspired. These are worth buying. The animated videos are great for my kids and the older children can also watch the longer biographical segments.

I guess that's enough inspiration for one night. I can sum up my ten minutes in just THREE words: rice, knitting, martyrs.

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