Thursday, February 14, 2013


These are baking in the oven... so I have 8 minutes to type. I love making a tradition, and making it with my children (less work for me as they take over!).

There were a few quiet minutes at dinner tonight- unbelievably. Maybe there was an entire quiet minute when everyone was eating, savoring and devouring the Panera meal that our IL friends sent to us. I looked at The Lawyer with eyebrows raised. He read my thoughts and we smiled. I love this man.

Later, I had to cover my face as I laughed at the table. M (2) had just gone on and on in a very silly fashion (without trying). There was a slight pause, and then T (5) burst out with a loud exclamation, "I LOVE Valentine's Day! And I love everyone here!"

There are simple moments in my day when I think, "this is good. This is SO good." And I want to remember and yet I won't.

This morning after we dropped The Lawyer at the bus stop and headed for home, I had a few minutes in the car with the young kids. I had bundled them into the van in a hurry when the truck wouldn't start. L (7) was still in pajamas and though M was dressed, I carried him out without shoes or a coat. It was only about 30 degrees this morning and he was cold. I gave him my coat to cover up with and on the way home he asked, "Mom? Is it okay if I (s)niff your coat?" (He usually "sniffs" his blue blanket.) Too sweet!

And my sweet girl. L made clues for treasure hunts today. She made Valentine's for her friends. She crept into our room at 6 a.m. to leave Valentines for The Lawyer, Graham, and me on my dresser. She lit up at the chocolate her dad brought home and she was overjoyed by the red roses delivered today.

Then, there were happy boys playing basketball and little boys driving trucks around, talking to themselves. . .

Such a good life.

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