Friday, January 11, 2013

Seven Weeks In

We've turned a corner with nursing and I finally feel like it is EASY! So many concerned friends have asked me about this (I must have made it sound really bad before!). I am very, very happy: G is over 10 pounds now and I am mindful of what I need to do: drink lots and lots of water, take my Motherlove supplement, and try to rest when I can. I do not feel the soreness that I had before.

We've also had better sleep. G seems to be in a rhythm of nursing often from 5-8 p.m., then falling into a good, deep sleep for about six hours. Either I wake him to eat around 10 when I go to bed, or I let him sleep until he wakes. Either way, I really only have to nurse once or twice in the night and then he wakes around 7. This is such a sweet time of day! He (G) is super smiley and M usually comes to our bed, too, and I can enjoy both of my littlest boys. Not long after that, L come in. I treasure these slower, quieter mornings and the routine we have now.

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