Sunday, December 2, 2012

Two Weeks Worth of Thanks

It has almost been two weeks since G was born. So much has happened! And yet, we've also been very low key and the days have seemed kind of quiet (sometimes!). Through the challenges of nursing and trying to keep a family fed and clothed and pointed toward Christ, there have been so many little blessings. Here are some of them:

1086) Quiet moments with a sleeping baby. Here, O is asleep in the chair with G. They slept like this for two hours on Saturday!

1087) The Lawyer, sleeping with G. I love this man and his tenderness to our babies!

1088) Time to look out the window. That first week I watched the leaves fall like a flurry of snowflakes outside the window, saw leafy trees bared and sunlight streaming down in new paths.

1089) Grandmothers. I had been thinking before G was born how I miss my Grandma and how wonderful it was to have her come and stay with me after the first two babies. Seems like most grandmas these days are still working or too busy with their own activities to offer help to a mom with half a dozen children. And I don't expect that kind of help. BUT, God sent me grandmas! Three different grandmas came over this past week and blessed our family. They read books, taught the kids to fold paper frogs, and made lunch, one ironed The Lawyer's shirts, one vacuumed, they washed windows. . . and I rested and enjoyed their company and found it amazing that these ladies, who are only acquaintances, would come and serve our family.

1090) Big boys and The Lawyer working so hard to help a family from church move. They were gone two nights for many, many hours. On Friday, they didn't get home until nearly midnight! (Which is why O was sleeping on a Saturday afternoon.) I'm so proud of their willingness to help and the effort they spent for this family.

1091) Christmas carols playing.

1092) Kids' enthusiasm for Christmas. They got out all the decorations, strung lights, set up the nativity scene and calendar, and decorated the Christmas tree. Strangely, I was content to watch from the couch with G on my lap and I marveled at the capabilities of our children.

1093) CBS study. Even with the changes and adjustments, it is good to consistently study God's Word. I love that the boys, L, and I are studying the book of John together.

1094) Poinsettias. So lovely! And for laughter- L became confused and asked why the plants were called "placentas?"

1095) M (2) calls the crust of the bread the "skin." Sometimes he has "skinnies" left next to his plate because he doesn't like to eat the skins. He had a burn which blistered several months ago and now he is cautious of hot pans because he doesn't want to get a "bruester."

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