Thursday, November 22, 2012

Savor- Thanksgiving Advice From My Midwife

How blessed I am to have a midwife calling me on Thanksgiving, checking in on G and me (and making sure I really didn't go with my family to our friends' house for dinner!). This midwife has been wonderful; so different than the other two midwives I've had and so right for me in this season. Her words seem wise to me today and come as healing balm for a mama adjusting, three days after having a baby. Here are a few of her words today- good, I hope, for others, too:

Savor this moment!

You have come a long way and you have a beautiful family.

Cheer up- something will hurt worse today, but something will hurt less, too.

This is temporary!

You are in a constant state of flux. You are learning this baby and taking it moment by moment. After two weeks things will even out. You'll find a new rhythm.

Today is a gift.

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Anne said...

Oh, I'm thankful for these words. And I love that we share a "nancy-bond" :) I really want to hear more!!