Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Boy's Perspective

Every once in awhile, I'm caught off guard by my boys' perspective on things. This happened today, as I was cutting R's (9) hair. (Just another thing to do before we have a new baby, you know!)

To set the stage, you ought to know that we won't be able to fit our family of EIGHT into our current Honda Odyssey. We have looked at newer Odysseys (which have a little middle row seat) and big vans like the Chevy E350 or Sprinter. We have weighed gas prices with vehicle prices and at the end of the day are simply determined not to go into debt to buy something bigger. We'll use the truck and the van until we have something that seats all of us. R is intensely interested in this decision, as he is the boy in our family who is most interested in all things pertaining to vehicles. I am relieved that we have put the discussion to rest for the time being.

As I'm snipping away at R's hair in my rather Nasa-looking silver apron, R comments, "You sure have gotten big with that baby in there."

"Yep." I say, trying to maintain my nonchalance. "But it's worth it." I'm imagining the joy of meeting this baby. I know how giddy the children are going to be when they first see him.

"Definitely,"agrees my son. "Because now we get to experience a new vehicle."

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